We have all seen weird people, or people doing weird things. Here are 25 photos of weird and funny people. As you look through these images, ask yourself, which outfit or pose would you allow yourself to be photographed in and then have the image put onto the internet. I’m quite certain; you won’t find me in any photos such as these.

As far as we know these images are real and have not been photoshopped.

I really hope this is in a parade.

What do you say when you walk in and your boyfriend is dressed like this?

Kids have to get stuffed toys somewhere.

Wonder if he plans on drinking that milk.

Now that’s a mouth fool.

I’ve got my eyes on you.

Hmm, I think someone needs to eat a cheeseburger.

Lord, why am I single?

When you walk in and see your husband or dad like this, do you even ask?

I’m so pretty, so very pretty.

Headed out to the club to pickup some chicks.

Even some cavemen were gay.

The inspiration for the Ice Age Sloth.

MMM, burger good.

I’m not sure this is the fan’s Electra wanted.

Mom always said don’t do that, your face may stick that way.

Makes it easy to scratch your back.

I really hope that’s an ugly woman.

The picture he hopes no one will ever see.

Hey even the easter bunny gets tired of hopping everywhere.

Mom said to be flexible when I go to college.

I bet he’s hoping the gun will actually go off.

Yeah, I bet this photo came back to haunt him.

Another one that needs a cheeseburger.

Being carried off the field naked, what a way to make the family proud.

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